Who is MUNUS

Exclusive fine art & antiques

We are looking for unique items

Munus is located in Shopping 3 in Genk and we have been looking for beautiful antique art objects for a quarter of a century. We try to offer this knowledge in our shop. We offer a selection of special objects, art, antiques and very rare things.

We are always looking for that unique piece that we know has a history. Most of the items we have for sale were love at first sight. That's why we know they will hold a special place with the people who buy them from us. As a unique gift for yourself or for your loved one

We also try to specialize in Belgian painters and sculptors at more or less affordable prices. An investment in art, giving someone a work of art, maybe yourself and an investment in love and culture.

Munus exclusive gifts

About the company

Who are we and what do we stand for

Munus is part of Blackbean VOF. We are a company that breathes art. We stand for quality and originality. We love the story behind our products we offer. Sometimes we buy something for the story, but sometimes we look for the story behind our unique artwork.
Searching and discovering unique pieces is a passion. Every piece on our site has gone through our hands and we have also gained a full expertise so that we know what we are offering. A piece bought from Munus is not just a piece but a piece with history, a story or a life. We are proud to have something in common with our customers. The passion to buy a unique gift.


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